Casson, Sophie


Sophie immediately went on to being a freelance illustrator after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Université du Québec à Montréal. Her inspiration comes from various street art forms: graffiti, stencil art, underground posters, but also Polish posters and post-war prints. She has won numerous awards from major international illustration competitions. Sophie likes to define her work as visual poetry.

Her studio window looks out at a very busy urban street corner that faces a subway entrance, so she works in the hubbub of lively chatter, sirens, music from cars, and various motor noises. Sophie is always envolved in her community by giving workshops to children, creating projects for her professional association, or pushing for a greener lifestyle in her district. She practices yoga and outdoor activities such as snowshoeing.

In addition to her main portfolio below, we have additional galleries for Sophie. Here is a series of black and white spots she has done for the New York Times. And here are a series of unpublished illustrations concerning early parenting and family issues. You can also visit Sophie’s website

Sophie’s clients include: Ralph Applebaum and associates, Saatchi NY, Publicis Healthcare, Financial Times, New York Times, Businessweek, Canadian Business, the Globe and Mail, Los Angeles Times, Maple Leaf, Baltimore Style, CSN, Nature, Yale School of Medecine, John Hopkin’s University, Reader’s Digest, L’actualité