Rosati, Jacopo

Jacopo Rosati was born in 1987 in Venice, where he still works. His graphic universe is populated by small lovable characters who live in a world dominated by a geometric view of spaces, thick black strokes and a limited palette of colors. Jacopo’s artwork creates a strong contrast between these elements, making his visuals instantly enjoyable. Jacopo Rosati loves to represent landscapes as characters applying his unique consistent style across a variety of media that includes drawing, design and print.

In addition to editorial collaborations, Jacopo has created T-shirts, USB keys as well as illustrations applied to a variety of industrial products. Jacopo has been working feverishly for Italy, France, Germany and is anxious to apply his talent and work ethic to the UK and North American audiences.

His  clients include: Alfa Romeo, Ducati, Wired Magazine, Popular Mechanics, MIMOCO and many others including publishers, manufacturers and design studios.

Recently, Jacopo has developed a delightfully whimsical felt collage style that we are very proud to represent.

You can view more of Jacopo’s work at