Whamond, Dave

Dave Whamond PortraitDave Whamond’s work has appeared in magazines such as Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, Psychology Today, OWL, MacLeans, Reader’s Digest, National Geographic, Outdoor Canada and many others.

He has worked on national campaigns in Canada and the US for Taco Bell, Tim Hortons, Canadian Superstores/Loblaw, Labatts, Dominos, Advil, Chrysler, VISA, Bell, Barqs, McDonalds, Canadian Tire, Coca Cola, Disney and NASA.

He has worked on several books including They Did What?!, Secret Agent Y.O.U., and a series of 6 “The Adventures of Hot Dog and Bob” books for Chronicle as well as his new book, “My Think-a-ma-jink”.

Dave has also worked with a lot of educational publishers, including Pearson, Nelson, Oxford University Press and Scholastic.

His internationally syndicated panel cartoon Reality Check has appeared daily since 1995 in papers such as the Miami Herald, Seattle Post Intelligencer, Toronto Star, Boston Herald, Chicago Tribune, Detroit News, Minneapolis Star Tribune and others. It was nominated for best cartoon panel of the year by the National Cartoonists Society. His work has also won various awards in Advertising and Editorial illustration.

Dave also taught 3rd and 4th year illustration at the Alberta College of Art and Design from 1997 to 2006.

Visit Dave’s website: davewhamond.com