Wilson, Cam

Cam Wilson

A graduate of Alberta College of Art, Cam currently works and lives in Edmonton, Alberta where he works as a designer and illustrator. Adverse to cold winters he is known to jump on the travel train for creative retreats whenever he can. One of his favorite things is exploring on foot, with camera in hand, looking for great reference shots for the next painting. Speaking of exploring, illustrated maps have become one of Cam’s favorite subjects.
Researching, gathering references, and exploring the area in question through a creative lens is something Cam finds challenging and fun, like putting together a puzzle while you paint.
Cam has worked with clients such as Hockey Canada, National Geographic Kids, Purdue University Alumni Magazine, Pearson Publishing, Thomson Hienle, and others.
Trained in traditional methods but also experienced and knowledgeable in the digital world, Cam takes advantage of both to create colourful, lively art.

Cam’s wide ranging portfolio is divided into three sections for simplicity’s sake.

Cam’s Watercolour Style

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Cam’s Educational Style

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Visit Cam’s website: camwilson.ca