Sophie Casson in Taipei for World Design Capital!

Illustrator Sophie Casson invited to show her work at the Visual Taipei exhibition in Taiwan from October 13 – 31, during the World Design Capital Biennial

Sophie Casson will have a busy and exciting month in October. The City of Taipei, elected World Design Capital 2016, is expecting 800,000 visitors at the World Design House Exhibition.  Sophie will participate in the Visual Taipei show during the exhibition. The invited 20 international and local artists have each created a new image on the theme of Taipei life. Sophie has created a poster size illustration to be shown at the event along with five images from her portfolio. Her works will been shown next to the art of Adrian Johnson, Einar Turkowski, It’s Raining Elephants, Jim Stoten, Julien Pacaud, Katie Scott, Natsko Seki, Noritake, Paul Blow, and Stefan Glerun. Additionally, a conference presentation called “My Creative Process” will be given by Sophie on site October 16 at 3pm.

Check out Sophie’s portfolio here at

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