Allott, Dwight

Dwight Allott

Dwight Allott was always doodling or making things as a child. “If I wasn’t drawing my friends I was always fashioning something out of wood or paper. I was especially fascinated with the way that kids magazines or craft books illustrated the process of construction. In late junior high the shop teacher let me study drafting under his tutelage. It was a fun kind of math, it had a beautiful logic to it.”

Dwight graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1984 and worked as a traditional commercial artist for ten years. In 1994 he discovered vector software.

“Suddenly it was like junior high all over, I spent another 5 years honing my skills and now I am happy with the problem solving that illustration requires.”

Dwight works out of Edmonton where he lives with his wife, Carol. He also teaches part time and does volunteer work at the Art Gallery of Alberta.