Koulikov, Oleg

Oleg-PhotoOleg Koulikov’s technique is called encaustic and its primary medium is based on bleached beeswax. This method dates as far back as the early Byzantine icons. Beeswax, being naturally a very receptive medium, allows him to express his individual style to the full extent while giving his illustrations the aged look of antique manuscripts and parchment. The technique also enables Oleg to achieve a unique luminosity and depth since the images are etched into the surface of beeswax using various pigments. Quite surprisingly, encaustic allows Oleg to work very fast, meeting tight deadlines and doing rush jobs.

Oleg was born in Kiev. He studied art at Gertzen University in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Immediately after his graduation Oleg made painting his full time occupation, exhibiting his artwork in galleries in Russia and abroad. After a one-man show at a prominent Toronto-based art gallery, Oleg eventually emigrated to Canada in the mid 90’s and settled down in Toronto, where he began producing commercial illustrations. Currently, parallel to working as an illustrator, Oleg is pursuing projects in fine art and photography.