John Perlock takes on Cereal Boxes

There comes a point when each of us must face it.


It is the meal that is a pure compromise between what we know we should eat and what we really, really want.  I remember moving from oatmeal to sugar cereals one fateful childhood Saturday morning. Even now, though I have great fondness for oatmeal, I absolutely never eat it. My kids? One is still contentedly eating oatmeal and the other, while not aware of sugar cereals, always asks for a bit more of the granola with the raisins in it. It’s inescapable.

Perhaps this is why John Perlock chose to face the cereal box straight in the face and expose its true nature. He presents us with two variations of the theme, one dedicated to J. C. Leyendecker and Zombie filmmaker George A. Romero, and the other is a frightening parody of the Sugar Bear.

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