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Through Jode Thompson, we have come to learn of a small school, with 60 students and a single teacher, in the town of Alta Vista, Nayarit State, Mexico. Chronically underfunded and beyond the reach of modern technology, the school has become the focus of a group of Calgary high school students and Art Matters, a Calgary-based arts group.

Their goal is to create a Computer Learning Center at the school and so far the Canadian students have successfully collected almost thirty laptop computers, and are now working to raise funds for “typing”, software, Microsoft Office, and other educational materials. A large part of this initiative is to seek a lasting relationship with the children of Alta Vista.  To this end the students have collected basketball and soccer uniforms and will be challenging their Mexican counterparts to some friendly games! We will leave them with complete team uniforms…and balls!  And maybe their fair share of victories!

The artists’ of Art Matters are assisting in raising funds to aid this goal by donating artwork which will be auctioned at an upcoming event to be held at the Sprung Facility in Aldersyde, AB on May 5th, 2012.

More information is available on the Art Matters Facebook page.

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