There are few illustrators working today who can manage watercolour as well as Francis Blake. And his line work is brilliant! But it is the over all beauty/comedy/tragedy that amazes the most. His work comes from a lifetime lived practicing the art of observing. Add to that a large dose of literature, a secret stash of the finest pen nibs known to man, and a sense of humor not dulled by his very-obvious kindness and you have what makes Francis tick.

Since he joined with Three in a Box, Francis has endeavoured to make each of his promotional pieces spectacular. Since he has been with us for a few years, we have a lot of these. We dug through our archives, digital and otherwise, and compiled all of that amazing work into his newly updated portfolio. You really need to see all of it to appreciate what an amazing artist Francis is. So, come to his folio here…but prepare yourself…it is amazing work.

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