Brian Fitzgerald Walks Us Through His Process

Just before Christmas, Brian Fitzgerald was asked by the Irish Times to illustrate the short story ‘Rest Day’ by John Boyne, author of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.’ He documented the process and posted it on the Behance network. It’s a lovely approach that shows how he not only created a beautiful illustration but also worked with the client’s suggestions to find the best solutions to the questions of composition and colour.

Brian Fitzgerald Explains

“I was very excited to to work on a new short story ‘Rest Day’ by John Boyne author of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ for The Irish Times Newspaper. Once I had the pose and theĀ uniform right I placed it into the narrow portrait space…and added the other elements of the story. The soldier describes his pleasure in putting on fresh socks. I drew a trench in the shape of a sock. The client preferred to see Hawke [the character] take up more of the area for impact so I made the adjustment and moved onto the colour stage. I decided on the colour palette and added texture to the leaves. Once the textures were in I tried a red colour on the lower half of the image giving the client an option. The Client preferred the red background.”

It all seems simple enough but you can see what a lovely and complex image the finished piece is on the left. To see all the sketches and colour roughs Brian used, click here to go the behance network where Brian has it process posted.

And you can view more of his work by clicking here or on the image.

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