Ken Dewar Beer Packaging Illustration Wins Gold! And Silver!

By February 27, 2014ArtistPortfolios

A while back Ken Dewar was commissioned to create two brilliant, crazy illustrations for two beer cans and the matching beer carriers. Mad & Noisy brewery, via cleansheet, was the client. You may have seen Sunny & Share and Hops & Bolts in your local vendor of beer as the carriers certainly jumped off the shelf with their wild bespoke illustrations evoking Monty Python and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in equal measure.

Well, Ken is pleased to share in the gold and silver award for Best Carrier from Tastings World Beer Championships! Also, the team has won a bronze for the Sunny & Share can. Cool!

Ken, your work is outstanding and to cleansheet and Mad & Noisy we say congratulations!

To see more of Ken Dewar’s inspiring work, check out his full portfolio here at

We also have a link to an informative adweek Talent Gallery focus on the project. It’s always good to see how these projects unfold.








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