Donald Trump has a Pinocchio Nose for Trouble

By September 26, 2016ArtistPortfolios
Donald Trump, as imagined by Dominic Bugatto

Whether or not you support the GOP or the Democrats, you have to watch Donald Trump with increasing nervousness. Reports of the many distortions coming from his speeches belie Trump’s outstanding disregard for truth or even the electorate’s memory.

Where does an illustrator go with this? Well it brought Dominic Bugatto to a fairly logical conclusion: The Donald is a pathological liar. We are not saying that Trump is alone in that but…

Anyway, bringing Carlo Collodi‘s Pinocchio to bear upon the current electoral conundrum, Dominic gives vision to what a great deal of us have been thinking.  Do you wonder how many more fabrications, I mean inches, his nose can take?

You can see more of Dominic’s eye-catching work on his portfolio page:

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