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Matt Roussel’s Sleeman’s Packaging Illustrations

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Matt Roussel was tapped to use his scratchboard style for the new Sleeman’s Beer cans. It was a perfect project for Matt to show how sharp and clean his work is in this style, especially considering he is best known for his marvellous 3D work. The creative team made beautiful choices with the spot colour they added to the artwork and the whole package is gorgeous. You can check out more of his work at

Martin is a Rum Lad

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Martin O’Neill worked with ad agency Purple in London to create these two fabulous ads for Abuelo Rum.
The brief was clear yet wonderfully flexible: Panamanian culture, Food and chefs, Wildlife, Fauna, Creativity, carnival, music & dancing, travel, outdoor dining, experiences.
Martin had two weeks to create two versions. Pretty intensive and everything had to be created in layers as the pieces would be animated. Martin is an ardent proponent of the hand-made collage process but for this project he would need to mix his hand cut elements and treat them  individually in the real world. Once ready, he then scanned them all in and created the collages digitally.
The agency and client gave Martin a lot of freedom compositionally and he enjoyed working with the punchy but muted colour pallets associated with the Abuelo Rum Brand.
Martin excels in creating very complex collage and approaches each project as a unique problem to be solved. Check out his portfolio page at

Jode Thompson and Popcorn

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Jode Thompson worked on Cineplex Odeon’s National Popcorn Day Campaign and created some lovely icons and a truly fabulous illustration of what the roving popcorn van could look like. With these illustrations Jode, who is more known for her amazing rendering and beautiful retro poster style, shows her versatility. 

Dave Whamond is Awarded Thrice!

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Dave Whamond made the pilgrimage to Philadelphia to attend the Rueben Awards, presented by the National Cartoonists Society. Dave was nominated in two categories this year. The first was for newspaper illustration and the other was for advertising. He won both divisions! That makes it seven Reuben awards that Dave has earned in his career! Wow!

And that’s not all! Dave also won the Silver Willow Award for his children’s book Frank and Laverne!

Congratulations Dave! You are fabulous!

Have a look at some of his award winning images accompanying this post and make sure you check out his gallery here!

Jode Thompson Does the Avro Arrow for TCB

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Jode Thompson saw her illustration of the fabled Avro Arrow jet printed into full, luscious hoppy life. Trans Canada Brewing created this citrus-forward IPA to honour the Avro Arrow, which would have been the fastest interceptor in the world, capable of Mach 2.0 speeds in 1958. It was a very cool plane and the projects cancellation cut Canadians deeply.

Anyway, if your in the province of Manitoba, check out TCB’s Arrow beer and get a good look at Jode’s illustration of that fabulous jet.

More of Jode’s work is also here on our site at this link:

Matthew Daley will be at TCAF this Weekend

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Delightful Toronto-based illustrator Matthew Daley will be offering his newest project, a collaborative effort with author Richard Marsella, titled Y2K, at this weekend’s Toronto’s Comic Arts Festival.  TCAF will be held at the Toronto Reference Library this May 12th and 13th. Matthew and his book will be on the third level at table 310. Go and have a chat with Matt! Buy his book!

Virtual Vatican by Martin O'Neill

Three in a Box’s Martin O’Neill Makes the V&A Illustration Award Shortlist

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Martin O’Neill was shortlisted for the prestigious annual V&A Illustration Award in the editorial illustration category. These awards have been running for 46 years and previous winners are among the best-known British illustrators, like Ralph Steadman, Posy Simmonds, Sara Fanelli, Quentin Blake, Laura Carlin, Matthew Richardson, Helen Musselwhite and Yasmeen Ismail.

Please take a moment to peruse the beautiful array and intricate detail in this collection of Martin’s collage work.

Martin O’Neill

Martin CollagingMartin O’Neill is an illustrator & collage artist who creates unique hand made collages for a range of clients encompassing publishing, advertising & design. Drawing from a vast collection of found ephemera & photography he develops his images through a subtle alchemy of hand made collage, silkscreen & layering. A constantly moving array of processes and media fuel his practice which includes writing and experimental film making.

Garage Magazine ‘ Virtual Vatican’

“I was commissioned by Remi Paringaux at Garage Magazine to create five intensely detailed virtual reality collages. A nice juxtaposition really, thinking about VR worlds being completely digital and my work being hand made cut and paste.

This particular piece was ‘Virtual Vatican – Ecclesiastical Heraldry’ where the VR holiday maker would ‘Virtually vacation through centuries of Vatican City as a creators of divine emissary’.

The piece honed in on the intensity of papal & ecclesiastical fashion through the centuries and my research involved buying 20 or so books on the history of Catholicism, the Vatican city, sculptures and statues. I also looking into religious vestments, robes and relics. Although I’m not a practising Catholic now, being brought up Irish Catholic community in London definitely helped with the understanding and research of this artwork. I had a good idea of the subject matter and even drew from a personal collection of prayer cards and holy relics inherited from dearly departed relatives and grandparents.”

Link to Martin’s  V&A Illustration Awards page.

Link to the V&A Illustration Awards Shortlist – Martin is in the editorial category.

Links to all artworks / writing – in the series.

Shelagh Armstrong Portraits for Scientus Pharma

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Shelagh Armstrong has recently completed a series of portraits for a Scientus Pharma presentation brochure. The client chose her confident line illustration style to convey the legitimacy of their approach to pharmaceutical cannabis research and processing. Shelagh responded with strong color and masterful line work. Great job Shelagh!

Matthew Daley in HDTGM Inspired Art Show

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Matthew Daley is participating in the “How Did This Get Made?” art show which is opening on Thursday June 1st at Los Angeles’s Gallery 1988 located at 7308 Melrose Avenue.

The “How Did This Get Made” podcast infamously attempts to make sense of senseless films that should never have seen light of day. Matthew’s work will join the work of artists inspired by truly awful films in what promises to be a very fun group show. The opening reception will feature podcast hosts Paul Scheer, June Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas. 

More information about the show and the online availability of artwork (available starting June 2nd) can be found at

Rueben for Dave Whamond

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Dave Whamond has been awarded another Reuben award by the National Cartoonists Society! This year he had the honour to be nominated in both the Advertising/Product Illustration category and the Book Illustration category. With great pleasure we are able to announce that he won the Book Illustration category for the illustration accompanying this article! Congratulations Dave!


Matthew at Names and Places

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Matthew Daley will be at the Names and Places Print Expo on the 29th of April. This will take place at Northern Contemporary gallery at 1266 Queen St W from 11am to 6pm.

This market event will feature some of Toronto’s coolest zinemakers, printmakers, small press and illustrators, and will coincide with Northern Contemporary’s Names and Places Vol. 3. 

Drop by and say “hello” to Matthew!

More of Matthew’s work is here:

Francis Blake’s Work Shortlisted

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Francis Blake illustrated the very funny children’s book Eddy Stone and the Epic Holiday Mashup, written by Simon Cherry. The book has been shortlisted for the Surrey Libraries Children’s Book Award. Pupils in the participating schools of Surrey County will have the chance to meet some of the authors and illustrators of the shortlisted books. Francis is delighted by the prospect and hopes to be chatting inks and nibs with the year 3 and 4 students soon.

You can view many more of his works at


Ron Dollekamp New Stamp!

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Canadian illustrator Ron Dollekamp recently attended the unveiling of a new postage stamp in Ottawa. The stamp honours what is agreed to be the first visit to Canada by someone of African descent, Mathieu DeCosta. You can read more about this fascinating character from colonial times at Wikipedia.

Ron sent us this dispatch about the event.

“I was invited along with Designer Andrew Perro to attend a celebration of Black History Month at the Canadian Museum of History.

I estimate the event was attended by at least 500 people, mainly of African heritage, and also by Hon. Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, CEO of Canada Post, Deepak Chopra, and many other dignitaries.

Included as part of that celebration, was the official unveiling the stamp that I illustrated for Canada Post, depicting Mathieu Da Costa, hired by the French and Dutch as an interpreter, and believed to be the first person of African descent to set foot on what was to become Canada, over 400 years ago.

It was a nice moment when Prime minister Justin Trudeau took the stage and made positive comments about the stamp, then followed up with an inspiring speech about the contributions of African-Canadians to our society.”

And he sent us some images from the evening as well! Congratulations Ron, this is amazing!

Candian Museum of History Black History Month Stamp unveiling Black History Month Stamp unveiling Justin Trudeau at Black History Month Stamp unveiling Justin Trudeau giving a speech at Black History Month Stamp unveiling

Martin Collages Murals for Binske

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Martin collages to any size and his illustrations work amazingly as murals! Over the last coupe of years he has had the opportunity to create custom murals for restaurants and retail establishments. The results have been fantastic!

This series of illustrations were created for a new luxury cannabis retail store in Oak Creek, Colorado. Martin was fortunate to work with the wonderful Turkel Brands on the murals for Binske‘s flagship store. 

The collages you see here, like so much of Martin’s work, are made by hand. Moreover, Martin’s amazing compositional skills are perfectly served by a highly curated archive of images. In this case, classical etchings & watercolour reproductions from vintage zoological, botanical and natural history archives were used for the illustration. Pretty cool, right?

You must see more if his work to get a good sense of Martin’s wide-ranging work. is our own home for Martin’s work. You can also head to his personal site at


Vigg Globe and Mail Halloween Spread

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Vigg was asked to create a series of illustrations for a Halloween themed spread in the Beauty Section of the Globe and Mail Saturday edition this past weekend. The article focuses on scary beauty treatments and provided a perfect opportunity for Vigg to get in the spirit.

Amazingly, the sight of a vampire plumping his lips with a syringe full of human blood isn’t as frightening as it sounds!

We’ve put the images into a gallery for you to view but you should really check out the story. It’s  on the site if you missed this weekend’s edition of the respected newspaper.

And you should really check out Vigg’s recently updated folio at


Donald Trump has a Pinocchio Nose for Trouble

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Donald Trump, as imagined by Dominic Bugatto

Whether or not you support the GOP or the Democrats, you have to watch Donald Trump with increasing nervousness. Reports of the many distortions coming from his speeches belie Trump’s outstanding disregard for truth or even the electorate’s memory.

Where does an illustrator go with this? Well it brought Dominic Bugatto to a fairly logical conclusion: The Donald is a pathological liar. We are not saying that Trump is alone in that but…

Anyway, bringing Carlo Collodi‘s Pinocchio to bear upon the current electoral conundrum, Dominic gives vision to what a great deal of us have been thinking.  Do you wonder how many more fabrications, I mean inches, his nose can take?

You can see more of Dominic’s eye-catching work on his portfolio page:

Comic Promotion Heading Your Way!

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We are very excited to send out our latest print promotional piece, the comic promotion, on behalf of many of our illustrators! The second issue of our comic promo promises to be even better than the first!

Let us know if you’ve received it already and tell us what you think.

And if you haven’t received it by week’s end, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get you a copy.

Here’s a digital version to give you an idea of what we’re sending. Full screen works best for viewing on desktop.

Brexit Animation by Belle Mellor

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Brexit has divided an entire nation and the opinions for and against the change are many and varied. This animated gif from the highly talented Belle Mellor is one of my very favourite of the “takes” making the rounds. Humorous, intelligent, illustrated, and animated; that puts it right at the top!


Picture 1 of 11

Check out our portfolio of Belle’s wonderful work, both the illustrated and animated, at www.

Matthew Daley is at Northern Contemporary

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Matthew Daley found out recently that he was accepted for Hollywood: The Art of the Movie Poster. This is a group show that’s opening at Northern Contemporary on Thursday June 16th, from 7 to 11PM. It will run until June 28.

There will be 20+ local Toronto illustrators and artists who have put their spin on the poster of their favourite movies! It’s an awesome way to change how we look at film icons and interpret them from unique perspectives.

As an added delight, there will be giclée prints and original artwork for sale. Join the artists on the 16th at Northern Contemporary gallery for the exhibition opening. The gallery is in Toronto on Queen West near the Gladstone Hotel. Specifically, it is at 1266 Queen St W, Toronto.

For more information, please contact Emily at [email protected]


Processed Meat and Halloween

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What a Week! With the fatal findings of a report on processed meat consumption and the impending Halloween Saturday, it would not be surprising to find children wandering along your street dressed in the scariest foodstuff of all: hot dogs. The following comic from Matthew Daley and his co-creator Cory McCallum, collectively known as Plier Pants, coincidentally addresses this in their offbeat way.

Matthew Daley Jays T-Shirt Brings Rock to Baseball

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Matthew Daley is not your average Toronto Bluejay’s fan. He is not, in fact, a baseball fan by nature. This year, however, the Bluejays’ stellar performance has captured his imagination. And being a huge music fan, he drew upon a rock and roll icon, the Ramones logo as designed by Arturo Vega, for his recent Jays t-shirt design.

So, if you would rather play rock than play ball, but still want a piece of the bandwagon action as it sweeps over the city of Toronto, you should get yourself one of Matthew’s fine shirts. Here’s where you can do that:

And here’s where you can find more of Matthew’s cool illustrations:

Shelagh Armstrong and the Giller Rose

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The Giller Prize is one of the few yearly events that I have anticipated for most of my adult life. It has championed Canadian literary talent for 21 years and in that time I have been introduced to an amazing number of authors I may not have otherwise noticed.

This year’s longlist of nominated authors was released earlier this month. Along with that list is a lovely illustration of a rose. It was’s Shelagh Armstrong that painted that lovely watercolour flower. I hadn’t really noticed the floral motif associated with the prize before and I became curious: what does the rose signify?

Back in 1993, Doris Giller, an esteemed Canadian literary journalist, lost her battle with cancer. Her husband, Montreal developer Jack Rabinovitch, and Mordecai Richler, the brilliant Montreal author who passed away in 2001, decided to honour her by creating a literary award in her name. And the rose? Doris loved flowers and so the invitation to the inaugural award ceremony was decorated with a rose. The Giller Prize, the most prestigious and generous literary award in Canada, was a loving tribute. I didn’t know that.

Here’s how all this has affected me. When I look at the rose that Shelagh painted 21 years after the tradition commenced, I recognize the love and admiration that Jack had for Doris. I see the respect and friendship that Mordecai offered her. I understand that the award is meant to spread Doris Giller’s love of Canadian literature, not just point out which are the best books of the last year. You could say I appreciate the award much more than I had before seeing the rose.

And, because I am immersed in illustration every day, I am still amazed at how the right illustrator can make me think about something more deeply than I may otherwise have done.

Well done, Shelagh!

You can view more of Shelagh’s work at

Cai Sepulis Polaris Poster

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Cai Sepulis, earlier this summer was selected to be one of the artists to illustrate for the Short Listed Artists of the Polaris Music Prize 2015. They paired Cai up with Buffy Sainte-Marie to create a poster based on her album, Power in the Blood, which is also turned into limited edition silkscreen prints.  

Buffy Sainte-Marie won the $50,000 award last night, and Cai’s is quite pleased to have seen her poster work on the Polaris stage on Monday night. Here’s a photo (by Laura Thompson) of Cai’s poster on stage with Buffy! 


You can check out more of Cai’s lovely work at

Gary Bullock Covers the UK Timber Industry

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Gary Bullock recently completed this illustration for Construction Manager magazine here in the UK for their March issue. It was used for the cover plus the article inside. The feature was called Grown in Britain, and described a campaign to persuade users of timber to specify British grown timber in an effort to be more sustainable (less carbon miles than importing it) and to support a growing local timber industry.

You can view more of Gary’s beautiful work at his portfolio page on


Matthew Daley is in Monstrosity II

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Matthew Daley will be signing copies of Monstrosity II at the book’s launch. Monstrosity II is an anthology of the brightest and best indie comic artists in the Toronto area. It is sure to be a fantastically twisted and cool collection of amazingly weird work. And hey, you can meet Matthew there and have him sign your newly minted copy! It doesn’t get much better than that! You can view the facebook page for the event here: Monstrosity II or keep these details in mind:
Date: March 18th
Time: 5PM
Location: Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4W 2G8

Shelagh Armstrong’s Sketch Work on

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Shelagh Armstrong is remarkably versatile. One of Shelagh’s styles that stands out is her sketch work. A few words come to mind when I see it: dynamic, invigorating, intelligent.

Sketch work relies upon the artist to convey, in as little detail as necessary, the subject. When that subject is moving, the challenge inherent in sketching increases dramatically. What Shelagh can do with a few lines and some shading is capture the movement, the key details, the expressions even. And the skill with which she can do this is amazing.

You can see the full ad on

You can see her full folio here at

Francis Blake Takes the Pissoir

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Francis Blake, long known for his whimsical and humorous watercolor/ink illustrations has gone acrylic for this custom made urinal. Had Marcel Duchamp been alive to witness the Thatcher era in England, perhaps he would have approved of this updating of his famous dada-ist piece “The Fountain.”

It’s nice to see how Francis’ work translates to the acrylic medium. His humor still shapes the piece but the more intense color and increased opacity of the paint sharpens his work to a deadly serious point.

We look forward to more of this style from Francis!

And you can check out his watercolor work at his portfolio page here:

Martin O’Neill’s Many Covers

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Martin O’Neill has been commissioned to illustratte many fantastic covers over the last couple of years. We realized that they needed to be showcased to get the proper attention they deserve. Therefore, for your appreciation, a selection have been collected here and presented in all their glory.

no images were found

Martin O’Neill’s Amazing Work in Yale Medicine Spring 2014

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Wow. Martin O’Neill’s work continues to amaze us here at Three in a Box! This incredible package of illustrations was produced for Yale School of Medicine Spring 2014 issue of Yale Medicine magazine. The issues focus is on the importance that creativity, knowledge, and vision play on advancing medicine. The magazine’s creative staff are always wonderful to work with and they allowed Martin much freedom to bring his vision to this issue.

no images were found

Martin O’Neill goes Out of Doors

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Martin O’Neill has amazing work out right now! The poster he created for The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts Out of Doors music festival is all over New York City!

The image features Martin’s signature collage style replete with the radiant textures he so meticulously catalogs and applies. For him, this was a great project to work on with an amazing client.

For all of you New Yorkers, or anyone visiting this summer, this fantastic free event is on now until August 10th!

Dave Whamond wins his 4th Reuben!

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Dave Whamond continues his success with his 4th Reuben Award! He was declared, last weekend in San Diego, the winner in the Magazine Illustration category! We are very proud to work with you Dave and so happy that you have won again! Great work!

Dave submitted several pieces to the National Cartoonists Society to be considered for the award. Here they are for you to view:

And you can view Dave’s full portfolio here at


Dominic Bugatto’s Outdoor Canada Cover

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Dominic Bugatto’s illustration for the cover of Outdoor Canada’s Summer 2014 issue has struck a chord with the good people at Dominic’s retro illustration approach riffed on the action-packed adventure magazine covers of the 1950’s and 1960’s. It is this weeks cover of the week! The Outdoor Canada Summer Issue isn’t out yet so this is a sneak preview of what will be on newstands across Canada on the 8th of June.

You can view more of Dominic’s work here at


Dave Whamond Wins Blue Spruce Award a Second Time

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Dave Whamond continues to take awards for his amazing work! The Ontario Librarian Association’s kid’s choice award in the K-2 age group went to Dave at the recent Festival of Trees held in Toronto. The award is officially named the Blue Spruce Award and his recent book Oddrey was chosen as the favourite book among ten of the best Canadian children’s picture books published in recent years.

This is the second time Dave has won the award, the first went to his hilarious book Think-a-ma-Jink, also published by Owl Books back in 2010.

Congratulations Dave!

You can view more of his work at here at

Matt Roussel Update

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Matt Roussel has been busy working on a few new approaches to his 3D work. We are very excited by his mixture of photographs and cgi, whereas previously he created the environments within which his subjects were portrayed. It lends an amazing sense of reality, something a viewer should be very comfortable seeing and feeling connected to. Then there is his new typography work which is flawless in its execution and is immensely versatile. Then there are the digital clay pieces that are simple stunning. And the last new piece here, that’s our Rob Scott that Matt has caricatured as a test piece. Love it! Great work Matt!

You can view Matt’s awe-inspiring full portfolio here at

Matthew Daley’s Errol Dynamic Comic Premiere!

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The mighty Matthew Daley has teamed up with Cory McCallum once again to create their follow-up to The Pig Sleep. This new collaboration brought a new character to their stable: Errol Dynamic, a misfit careening across space in the guise of a swashbuckling adventurer. As the team put it, “Errol faces off against alien adversaries, extraterrestrial enemies and, worst yet, his own crippling addictions and a severely broken heart.”

Three in a Box is very pleased to assist both Matthew and Corey by announcing that the premiere will take place May10–11th, 2014 at the Toronto Reference Library.

[embedplusvideo height=”240″ width=”375″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=yEu172GcAiY&width=375&height=240&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep8037″ /]

Typefaces by Kelly Hume

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Typefaces: a while ago, Kelly Hume was asked to provide samples of portraits composed entirely of lettering. Knowing what the client wanted and knowing he could do it, he was without the samples to back him up. An unfortunate situation that happens and the best solution is the one the Kelly endeavored upon: create the samples!

Below is a small but brilliant gallery of famous and infamous people. Kelly precisely and methodically positioned the type to render the tones and shapes of their faces, clothing and backgrounds. Well done Kelly!

Check out more of his work at

Ken Dewar Beer Packaging Illustration Wins Gold! And Silver!

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A while back Ken Dewar was commissioned to create two brilliant, crazy illustrations for two beer cans and the matching beer carriers. Mad & Noisy brewery, via cleansheet, was the client. You may have seen Sunny & Share and Hops & Bolts in your local vendor of beer as the carriers certainly jumped off the shelf with their wild bespoke illustrations evoking Monty Python and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in equal measure.

Well, Ken is pleased to share in the gold and silver award for Best Carrier from Tastings World Beer Championships! Also, the team has won a bronze for the Sunny & Share can. Cool!

Ken, your work is outstanding and to cleansheet and Mad & Noisy we say congratulations!

To see more of Ken Dewar’s inspiring work, check out his full portfolio here at

We also have a link to an informative adweek Talent Gallery focus on the project. It’s always good to see how these projects unfold.








Martin O’Neill’s Balotelli Portrait

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Martin O’Neill’s collage of Mario Balotelli, commissioned as a  portrait for Puma shoes, is spreading across the various channels of the internet right now! Composed entirely of press clippings of the Italian Football superstar striker, Martin proves he is a superstar of both the collage and illustration worlds! As we may be on the eve of a major announcement concerning Mario’s move to Chelsea from Milan we though it a great time to bring you this amazing show of skill. Cool!

Dominic Bugatto’s Mad Men

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Well, we are about half way through the break between the 6th and 7th seasons of Madmen. Is it me or are television show season start dates more erratic now than they were ten years ago? Obviously I’ve got to catch up! To celebrate the hump, of perhaps to get us over it, Dominic Bugatto has done a dark and moody personal piece with Draper and Halloway.

You can see more of Dominic’s work here, at

Rick Jacobson Carves at Loblaws

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Rick Jacobson was asked to do an in-store event at the Maple Leaf Gardens location of Loblaws grocery store.  The task? Carve an enormous pumpkin for Halloween. The carving took place over several hours and quite a crowd gathered to watch Rick and his assistant work their magic with clay and putty knives.

Local Snap photographers and the CBC were there to film the occasion.

This was the second pumpkin that they had to buy, as the previous one was bigger, but started to rot!

We’ve got some fun pictures of the carving, too!

Next year promises to be even better.

You can view more of Rick’s work here at