Kveta is at the Top of the Charts

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In a series of on going projects for EH Publishing’s Commercial Integrator, Kveta has been creating colorful & engaging info graphics. Each monthly chart combines multiple data sets to provide insight into specific industries and how they relate to the Pro A/V market.

Handling complex data and making it accessible is more than a little mind-boggling, yet Kveta is always up to the challenge of these complex assignments.

You can view a collection of her fine charts in the gallery below.

You can also check out her portfolio at by clicking through here.

Jacopo Rosati’s Felt Folio Updated

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Jacopo Rosati has sent us some great new images for his folio, and they are all from his felt style!

Super cool, bright and fun, and wonderfully thought out, these pieces show how Jacopo’s switch to a tactile medium has progressed since the change last year. It does mean he no longer is working digitally, which we would be sad about except…well his work is amazing!

Thanks for the update, Jacopo! Brilliant!

Check out his full folio, including all the new pieces we received today here at Jacopo’s home on

Ron Dollekamp Paints CanPost Stamps-Hockey Edition

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Ron Dollekamp, the illustrator who painted the amazing CFL Stamps, attended the official unveiling of the new CanadaPost Hockey Stamps.

Ron joined CanadaPost President and CEO, Deepak Chopra, the Honourable Lisa Raitt and Hockey Hall of Famer, and former Toronto Maple Leafs captain, Darryl Sittler for the ceremony.

This series of stamps was commissioned to celebrate Canadians love and connection to the sport of hockey. The only teams featured are the 7 Canadian teams. Each stamp features the current team jersey and a jersey from the teams past.

Ron Dollekamp painted the stamps under the direction of Avi Dunkleman and Joseph Gault, principals at Design by Mix.

Martin O’Neill in Uppercase

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Our Martin O’Neill has been featured in Uppercase magazine’s 18th edition. This may be a little bit of late news for many of you but, even as summer holidays tend to get in the way of productivity, we are very proud to bring you this news and show off a few pages of the issue’s interview and photo shoot with Martin.

And, as it is a great treat to be in Uppercase, congratulations to Martin!

Here’s a link to Martin’s full folio on Here’s a link to Uppercase.

Dave Whamond Wins Another Reuben Award!

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And the winner of the 2012 National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award for best illustration in the Newspaper Illustration Division is…Dave Whamond!

His submission to the awards this year was primarily work he did with our good friends at The Wall St Journal. One of these pieces is the feature image for this post! Good fun, great work, great clients and an award to boot!

This is his 3rd Reuben win, and his 7th nomination, yet the victory is none the less sweet!

Congratulations Dave!

Francis Blake Update

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There are few illustrators working today who can manage watercolour as well as Francis Blake. And his line work is brilliant! But it is the over all beauty/comedy/tragedy that amazes the most. His work comes from a lifetime lived practicing the art of observing. Add to that a large dose of literature, a secret stash of the finest pen nibs known to man, and a sense of humor not dulled by his very-obvious kindness and you have what makes Francis tick.

Since he joined with Three in a Box, Francis has endeavoured to make each of his promotional pieces spectacular. Since he has been with us for a few years, we have a lot of these. We dug through our archives, digital and otherwise, and compiled all of that amazing work into his newly updated portfolio. You really need to see all of it to appreciate what an amazing artist Francis is. So, come to his folio here…but prepare yourself…it is amazing work.

Matthew Daley at the TCAF

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Matthew Daley will be has staked out his territory at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival happening this weekend, the 11th and 12th of May. He will be at the Toronto Reference Library from 9-5 on Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday. You will find Matthew located at table #239 on the second floor where he will be discussing all things comic and selling his wares (prints, books, pins etc.).

If you would like more information on TCAF, you can head on over to

Yo, Adrian!

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Edmonton-based illustrator Adrian Lubbers has just updated is portfolio with us. The bulk of these are pieces executed for the venerable Loblaws chain of supermarkets Recipe to Riches contest. As well, he’s sent us a lovely piece that was a cover for Advertising Age and a very humorous personal piece.

Martin O’Neill and the Cover of the Independent

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Martin O’Neill illustrated the last cover of 2012 for The Independent Magazine. Using his brilliant type-style he assembled the hand-cut elements gleaned from his massive collection of ephemera. Whenever he can, Martin gives us a glimpse into his method and his, well, madness. You can check out more of his work on as well as here on his Three in a Box folio:

Ron Dollekamp and The CFL Stamp Train

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Ron Dollekamp recently completed a series of stamps for CanadaPost. He went down to Exhibition Place in Toronto to see the ‘CFL Train’, which has the stamp illustrations displayed on the sides. Coincidentally, the Grey up 100th anniversary game is on Sunday.

Ron also had the chance to speak with representatives at Canada Post, and they confirmed that this was the largest stamp project they’ve ever done. They’ve already surpassed sales
of any previous stamps.

Way to go Ron!

John Coburn’s Upcoming Artshow

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John Coburn, on of our Toronto-based illustrators, and his collaborator Jolene Kessler are having an art exhibition at the Wychwood barns. They’d love you to drop by the opening on Thursday December 6th but if you miss that, the show continues through to the 9th. You simply must check out their miniature drawings and paintings, art sweaters, blankets, pillows and hot Glühwein!

Mr. Monitor goes Large!

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Matthew Daley just let us know about the launch of the first Mr. Monitor comic, a collaboration with writer Cory McCallum, this upcoming Sunday October 21st at Canzine. Canzine takes place from 1-7 at the 918 Bathurst Centre and further info can be found at this link:

Matthew will be there selling the book as well as other Mr. Monitor related goods and, as an aside, it’s only $5 and you get a free copy of Broken Pencil Magazine!

Rosati’s Felt Illustrations

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Jacopo Rosati has developed a lovely new style: felt illustration. Delightful, whimsical and ever so colorful, he creates scenes that evoke childhood and enliven even the most quotidian subjects.

His felt illustrations are being lauded by in-the-know blogs, like and

We are quite pleased that Jacopo has asked that we present it to our clients for commissions effective immediately!


Peter Ferguson Covers

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Peter Ferguson has an immense collection of covers that he has illustrated on behalf of some of the top publishers in the world. We have just now compiled a huge gallery of them and they are available to view here:

Although Peter works in oils, you would be quite surprised at how fast he can move from his sketches to his final artwork. Considering the serious level of technical skill that Peter employs, particularly with his rendering of the human form and his control of lighting, his work at such a pace strikes us as nothing short of genius.

He has illustrated dragons playing cards, children careening across rooftops, genies bursting from bottles, and such a variety of scenario that it boggles the mind.

Go on through and bask in the warm glow of Peter’s genius!

Peter’s own folio site is available here:

Martin O’Neill’s and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

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When Martin O’Neill was creating the pieces for The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks, he had many pieces that weren’t selected or submitted. This lovely piece was to go with the following prose by Dr. Sacks: “he could smell their emotions – fear, contentment, sexuality – like a dog. He could recognize every street, every shop, by smell – he could find his way around New York, infallibly, by smell”

We love Martin’s amazingly narrative work and it’s nice to see it in context, like this.

You can see more of Martin O’Neill’s work here and at his blog,

Martin O’Neill: Any Given Sunday

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Studio Fury, in London, have, so far, produced a promotional poster/calendar each month this year. Martin O’Neill was brought on board to tackle April’s release. His challenge was to create a visual response to the words, “the inches we need are everywhere around us.” For those of you not familiar with Al Pacino’s epically motivational “Life is a Game of Inches” speech, it comes from Oliver Stone’s 1999 film Any Given Sunday.

You can view more at Martin’s blog:

Jode Thompson Art Matters

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Through Jode Thompson, we have come to learn of a small school, with 60 students and a single teacher, in the town of Alta Vista, Nayarit State, Mexico. Chronically underfunded and beyond the reach of modern technology, the school has become the focus of a group of Calgary high school students and Art Matters, a Calgary-based arts group.

Their goal is to create a Computer Learning Center at the school and so far the Canadian students have successfully collected almost thirty laptop computers, and are now working to raise funds for “typing”, software, Microsoft Office, and other educational materials. A large part of this initiative is to seek a lasting relationship with the children of Alta Vista.  To this end the students have collected basketball and soccer uniforms and will be challenging their Mexican counterparts to some friendly games! We will leave them with complete team uniforms…and balls!  And maybe their fair share of victories!

The artists’ of Art Matters are assisting in raising funds to aid this goal by donating artwork which will be auctioned at an upcoming event to be held at the Sprung Facility in Aldersyde, AB on May 5th, 2012.

More information is available on the Art Matters Facebook page.

Matt Roussel’s New iPad App

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Matt Roussel has partnered in another fantastic iPad app

After the success of Scott’s Submarine, Matt Roussel has partnered in another fantastic iPad app for young kids.

Mademoiselle Daisy’s New Friends, published by and written by Amelie Sarn, tells the story of a charming old lady who’s a bit goofy! How will she succeed in making new friends in the neighborhood where she’s just moved in?

Matt Roussel’s superb illustrations capture the atmosphere of “The Belle Epoque” in France: elegant old-fashioned dresses and hats, antique cars and trucks humming, old bicycle bells …

The iTunes link: Mademoiselle Daisy’s New Friends

Here’s a link to the video preview:

Matt Daley in Creative Quarterly 27

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Matt Daley has had several of his images selected for Creative Quarterly 27, out this spring. Three of his images, which were runners up in their categories, will be on the CQ website. A fourth image, the cover of Taddle Creek issue 27, was selected as a winner and will be featured in the print edition.

The Groupbook is out!

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Our Latest Groupbook, lucky number 27, is hitting the streets as you read this. Steve Munday, collagist extraordinaire, gave us the crazy amusement park-themed cover. But don’t get lost deciphering the myriad gags in his illustration or you will miss the amazing collection of the finest illustration in between the cover pages.

Matthew Daley in Creative Quarterly 25

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Matt Daley has just been notified that three of his submissions to CQ25 have been accepted, one of which was among the winners in the illustration category. This illustration was part of Matthew’s submission for our last issue of the Box Lunch and it’s wonderful to see it, and Matthew’s work in general, being recognized! Great work, Matthew!

The Box Lunch Summer Digest Issue is out now!

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Our annual editorially-geared promotion, The Box Lunch, is being mailed out now! You may have already received it. We’d love to hear if you have and let us know what you think of it; it’s a new format for the Box Lunch and we want to know how it handles.

Tanya Lam executed the brilliant cover for us, by the way. She exceeded our expectations on a very short deadline, too! Something to keep in mind when you get your copy!

Trevor’s Mini Adventure

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How’s this for a fun project? Taxi Advertising in Toronto commissioned Trevor Nelson to create an astoundingly long image tracking the adventurous voyage of a Mini across frozen tundra, under pack ice, off a cliff, under a mountain and then, finally, arriving at its home. Wow! What a great image!  It’s a bit too long for us to display here easily so we animated the image in a flash movie so you can see it in its glory!

[swfobj src=”” width=”300″ height=”125″ allowfullscreen=”false”]

Click through the image on the left to view Trevor’s full portfolio.

Finally, we can tell you about Martin’s work for Folio

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Martin O’Neill was commissioned to recreate the cover for the best selling novel by Oliver Sacks, along with 10 internal full page illustrations for the Folio Society, London. The book will be published in a limited edition of 5000 copies.

The illustrations were created over 6 months. O’Neill says he tried to approach the images with a completely open mind and tried to get rid of the usual compositional traits he employed in his work. The subject matter being so rich and sometimes fantastical. A lot of the stories/descriptions of patients problems dealt with the breaking down of neurological function and how that affected their daily lives.

Inspired by his young daughters sticky paper collages he decided to try and break down figurative forms into diamond and rhombus shapes, then try reconstructing them again in a haphazard manner. The resultant collages hail a new, more abstract, direction for O’Neill’s literary based work and has spawned many experimental off shoot images which will be on O’Neill’s new website, when the book is launched in May 2011.

Title: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
Author: Oliver Sacks
Publisher: The Folio Society
Published: May 2011

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Blue Spruce Award goes to Dave Whamond!

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Furthering his collection, last month Dave Whamond received the Blue Spruce Award for his book My-Think-A-Ma-Jink. This award, given to the author chosen by over 250,000 school age kids, is presented by the Ontario Library Association at their Forest of Reading Awards. Dave was thrilled to be honoured with the award and about the book signing event he had this to say: “They said you would feel like a rock star and it’s true. The sight of thousands of kids jumping up and down, cheering wildly and holding up my book is something I will remember forever.”

You can pick up your copy of the book at Amazon.

Martin O’Neill, Oliver Sacks and Folio

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Martin O’Neill has recently finished a project for the Folio Society’s edition of Oliver Sacks’s The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. A fantastic cover, which is all we can show you now. You won’t believe the interior illustrations! It will be April before we can put them up but we are anxious to show you how Martin’s style has developed as a result of this project and the influence of his daughter’s work with sticky notes.

Ken Dewar Paints the Leafs

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Three in a Box and Ken Dewar have been very fortunate to be heavily involved with the Toronto Maple Leafs marketing program in the recent years. He has just finished a set of six amazing paintings for this year’s season tickets. These tickets are for home games with the Leafs historical rivals. Last year he painted the rivals battling it out in traditional Canadian sports like log-rolling, wood-splitting and white-water canoeing.  Good fun!

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Ian Mitchell is Next

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Ian Mitchell has graced the web pages, print ads and even a television commercial for the UK retail giant Next. For the 2010 Next TV commercial, Ian created a stylized map of Paris that shows up around the 14 second mark. He has also created the images for many of the current Next gift cards. And, for the Next Blog Baby Boutique section, Ian’s illustrations replace the standard headshot for the bloggers. You can see Ian’s full folio here.

The Box at The SpeakEasy

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Three in a Box will be attending the 10th Annual SpeakEasy Illustration Show. It is at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St West in Toronto) on the 7th of October from 7PM to 11PM. Come upstairs to the second floor and seek us out. Come on out and get a glimpse of our Illustration Toolbox and take home a copy of our Groupbook 25. Also, many of our illustrators will be there with their own work for show, as well as a collection of prints from some of our more distant illustrators. All artwork  will be for sale, of course!

Belle Mellor wins in the SPD Spot Competition

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Belle Mellor has been working on the Wine and Spirits column with John Munoz at Bon Appetit for quite a few issues now. John and Bon Appetit entered one of Belle’s spot illustrations and the accompanying article on champagne to the Society of Publication Designers Spot Competition. Well, we are delighted to announce that they won! Congratulations Belle, John and Bon Appetit. The SPD doesn’t have the official spots website up yet and the accompanying book for the awards won’t be produced until the spring. In the meantime, the winning piece is to the left and you can view Belle’s full portfolio here.

Peter Ferguson Illustrates the 10th Anniversary National Book Fair Poster

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Peter Ferguson, who is particularly well known for his publishing work, was selected to illustrate the poster 10th Anniversary of the National Book Festival, to be held in Washington D.C. on September 25 2010. Initially quite apprehensive at being selected for such a prestigious honour, Peter threw himself into the poster with his trademark whimsy and vitality! The poster, to the right, links through to his portfolio. To visit the NBF site, click here.