Matt Roussel

Matt Roussel’s work has appeared in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Owl, and The Times, as well as in advertising campaigns for Wrigley, Maynard’s, McDonald’s, Nabisco, FedEx, and Cadbury. He has also worked with several publishers throughout North America and France such as Gallimard, Hachette and Macmillan, Nelson and Scholastic.  Matt has also developed and illustrated two fantastic iPad apps for children that are highly interactive story-telling experiences. Matt specializes in 3D illustration and animation as an illustrator, character designer and art director. He lives in the south of France with his wife and three children.

Matt is capable of many styles and techniques. His primary style is the smooth, highly finished CGI style which is represented by the first gallery below. In the second gallery you will find a second CGI style that is rougher, showing the underlying polygonal structure that Matt likes to call lowpolymatt. And there is a third gallery of his scratchboard, or scraperboard, style that is recent to us but you can see Matt is masterful at it.

Highly Finished



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