Peter Ferguson’s Book Covers and Posters

Peter Ferguson is a Montreal-based illustrator and fine artist. He has been illustrating book covers, as well as ad campaigns and editorial publications, for well over a decade. Random House, Marvel Comics, Simon & Schuster, Harry N Abrams, Egmont Books, Candlewick Press, Puffin, Bloomsbury and more publishers have worked with Peter to create timeless and iconic covers for several properties.

Peter is well known for illustrating the covers and interior pieces for The Sisters Grimm series, the Enola Holmes series, the Addison Addley books, the Peppermints books, The Anybodies/Nobodies series as well as working on dozens of single title projects. He has illustrated dragons playing cards, children careening across rooftops, genies bursting from bottles, and such a variety of scenario that it boggles the mind.

Recently, Peter was bestowed the great honor of illustrating the 2011 National Book Festival poster. Despite being the festival’s first non-American to be considered, the Library of Congress did not hesitate to bring him on and they allowed him free reign to create the amazing poster

Although Peter works primarily in oils, you would be quite surprised at how fast he can move from his sketches to his final artwork. Considering the serious level of technical skill that Peter employs, particularly with his rendering of the human form and his control of lighting, his work at such a pace strikes us as nothing short of genius.

The rest of his folio, including some of his advertising and editorial work can be found here. Finally, you can view his personal website here.