Rick Jacobson was born in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. As a young man he was always writing stories and sketching so it was no surprise to anyone that he decided to pursue art as a career. When he turned 18, he moved to Calgary and enrolled in the Alberta College of Art. After graduating from the Visual Communications program with honours, he worked as an art director, illustrator and production head with Business Life magazine, relocating to Toronto with the magazine a few years later.
Rick has worked as an illustrator, painter, writer, and designer. As an illustrator, he painted the trillium for the Ontario driver’s license, the leaf for Air Canada and has illustrated print ads as well as children’s books. Rick wrote and published three storybooks, which won several awards including The Amelia Frances Howard Gibbon’s award gold medal and the Ruth Schwartz award. He has also painted portraits of David Thomson, Margaret Atwood , Robertson Davies, Sir Christopher Ondaatje, Bill Gates Senior and Sir Richard Francis Burton (which hangs in the permanent collection of the Royal Geographical Society in London, England). He has been featured in Smithsonian and Applied Arts magazine as well as The Artist’s Magazine. Rick continues to live in Toronto.

You can view more of Rick’s work at jacobsonfernandezillustration.com