Lars Rudebjer

Lars graduated as an art teacher in 1985 and started his career as a graphic designer at a publishing house in Uppsala, Sweden.  For three years he worked on book cover designs, magazine layouts, photography and illustration. During this time he also developed a keen interest in illustrating children’s books. He started working on several book projects of his own and became a freelance illustrator in 1989. His break-through came in the early 1990’s when his first book was published.

In the past twenty years of professional illustrator, Lars has created 35 children’s books, published in ten countries, and illustrated many schoolbooks. His portfolio also contains board games and CD-games for children, postcards and comic strips, and a picture collection for IKEA. For the past few years Lars has had a regular syndicated cartoon, which runs in more than twenty newspapers.

He uses traditional aquarelle as well as digital techniques.

Lars lives in Fredrikstad, Norway, with his wife and three children.

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