Dave Whamond’s Amazing Maps

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Dave has an amazing talent for all things illustration. His comical maps are no exception. His belly-laugh humour pervades every aspect of any large scene he does. One of the great challenges as a viewer is to get every single gag he’s hidden in the illustration and they are always worth the hunt. Click through the image to see more of his great work.

Dogs and Dice: The Art Martin O’Neill

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A Magma Books Top-Seller, Martin O’Neill’s Dogs and Dice is till available in limited quantities. It was shortlisted for a V&A Illustrated Book Award and has been reviewed in Eye Magazine and a myriad of design and publishing blogs. You can order through Magma here. If you do, you will not be disappointed with the mind-blowing dust-jacket/poster nor with the juxtaposition of non-sequiturial text and surreal illustrations. You will be astonished at the traditional collage techniques as handled by a master of the art and you will experience why illustration is still vastly important.

The Dawn Chorus Animated Spot for MTV

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Belle was commissioned to create a short, artful spot for the MTV Networks. Her ability to discomfit without being grotesque is what sets her apart from her peers. Since receiving her MA in animation at the Royal College of Art in 2005, she has become known for her whimsical approach to any subject matter.

You can click through here to view more of her animation work or here to see her illustration portfolio.

Coburn on TV!

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John Coburn had a great time drawing Macy’s for their recent commercial. Below is a youtube post with his work in it. Also, we’ve posted one of the sample pieces he did, through which you can click to view more of his (still) work.

Cycling in London Chooses Belle Mellor

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We are quite pleased to announce that Belle Mellor has submitted an illustration to the Cycling in London Competition and it has been included in the exhibition that will be shown July 5th-August 22nd, 2010 at the London Transport Museum. The competition and exhibition are the result of a collaboration between the AOI (Association of Illustrators) and the LTM (London Transport Museum). You can read more about it here: http://bit.ly/ayKAP7. By clicking through the image to the left, you can view more of Belle’s fabulous work.

Box Lunch 8 Online

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For those who are not familiar with the Box Lunch, it is our award-winning annual editorial promotion. It works like this: each year we create a theme-based magazine and our artists supply the imagery from either a list of topics or they create their own to fit within the theme. This is our 8th annual issue and it’s a fantastic exploration of fairy tales, each artist approaching the meme with their own unique vision. Some of the stories are familiar and others obscure, at least by our own standards. Take some time, settle back and click through the image to be taken to the Box Lunch 8: The Fairy Tale Issue

What Rhymes with Monitor?

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Matt Daley’s comic strip, published in Broken Pencil magazine, has been updated in two glorious ways. First of all, installment number 7 has been posted. Secondly, for lovers of rhyme everywhere, Matt has rewritten the 6 original installments to include a bit of poetry. Click here or on the excerpt of Mr. Monitor #7 to be transported to the archive at Broken Pencil. More Matt’s work can be seen at www.threeinabox.com/artist-portfolios/daley

March Artist of the Month

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Paul Howalt graduated with a BFA from Arizona State University in 1991.  He now works as an illustrator and designer in the Phoenix area.

His mischievously playful and graphic approach has evolved from an unusually voracious appetite for comics when he was a child.  Paul’s wife feels that he has way too many toys for someone his age, and needs to be disciplined more than their two kids.  He is hopelessly addicted to Mt. Dew, Twizzlers, loud music and Ebay.

Paul’s clients include: The New York Times, MTV, Disney, HBO, The NFL, Sports Illustrated, Target, Hasbro, Mattel, CNN, Virgin, RCA, Adidas, Levi’s, Urban Outfitters, Pepsi, Hershey’s, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Forbes Magazine, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, People Magazine, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Earnest & Julio Gallo Winery.

Howalt has spoken at numerous design events including the HOW Design Conference. He has also been interviewed by numerous industry publications, blogs and podcasts.

Paul’s work is on permanent display at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York and has been awarded numerous awards in shows such as:  The Clios (Gold), The One Show, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, ID, AIGA, The New York Type Directors Club, HOW and Graphis.

Dollekamp creates for Tim’s

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Ron Dollekamp recently created the mocha lettering for Tim Horton’s. The agency needed a quick turnaround lettering job that would normally be shot traditionally using a food stylist to drizzle the chocolate sauce effect. It would be then taken into Photoshop and reworked significantly. Instead, the client chose Ron Dollekamp who created the entire illustration on system in three days within budget for an effect that is highly realistic and delicious!

Paul Howalt is back.

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Paul Howalt Self PortraitWe are very, very pleased to have Paul Howalt back on our roster of illustrators.  He is a brilliantly funny person with a serious work ethic. He has some serious vector skills and a fantastic design sense. Paul is highly recommend, great to work with and revving to get started. Please contact your rep to find out more about Paul.